School Programme

Student Presentations

1.Abd El DayemRelativistic effects on the orbits of the closest stars to the black hole at the center of the Galaxy
2.AbelloMAssive Stars Study in optical InterFerometry
3.AllainMid-Infrared Heterodyne Interferometry using high-bandwidth quantum detectors and photonic correlation
4.AlonsoCO emission survey of AGB stars with ultraviolet excess
5.AntoniettiSETI – Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
6.ChoudhuriModelling radio interferometric observations of galaxy clusters
7.CodronModelling the Inner AU & Disc Misalignments of HD143006
8.CorporaalCharacterisation of second generation protoplanetary discs with infrared interferometry
9.GarreauExoplanet imaging within the snow line with the VLTI: warm optical design of Asgard/NOTT
10.HildebrandtPlanet-inducing structures in protoplanetary disks
11.HoulleMid-infrared exoplanet interferometry with MATISSE & GRA4MAT
12.IbrahimImaging the Inner AU of Herbig Be Star V1295 Aql
13.JooAsgard/NOTT cold mechanical design
14.KaczmarekModelling of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi based on MATISSE observations
15.LiuVariability of young planetary mass objects
16.LuThe interferometry Gaia binary survey: Precision masses, orbits and ages
17.MajidiNew accretors in the Lupus I cloud
18.MobeenV838 Mon
19.NowackiNIR Interferometry @ VLTI + Optical Spectropolarimetry
20.OplistilovaMulti-data modelling of stellar systems
21.RebryshMCAO-Assisted Visible Imager & Spectrograph
22.RousseauImproved thermal background subtraction using principal component analysis
23.RubioBe stars
24.ScheuckUnraveling the Finestructure in the inner regions of protoplanetary disks
25.SchiappacasseGCs multiple stellar populations: Li and heavy elements
26.Van GaalenAnalysing dust echoes of tidal disruption events
27.VandalInterferometric imaging of exoplanets below the diffraction limit with JWST
28.ZuletaDistinguishing between radial flows and warped protoplanetary disks